Welcome to Life In Good Faith!

My corner of this great blogosphere combines art, scripture, and personal experiences.

In the past year, during our increased time at home, I discovered my “painter self” that I never knew existed. I’ve always been interested in art and writing, but I never had the chance, until recently, to try a completely new medium. I bought a set of watercolor paints, paper, brushes, etc., and spent an entire year developing my “style”.

Recently, I started putting my artwork on card stock, and adding Scriptures on the back to share with friends and Christian charity organizations. The next logical step was to use this blog to share my art, chosen Bible verses, and personal experiences to help others on their faith-based journeys. It is my great hope that you, my blog family, will find my posts inspiring and maybe share your stories and experiences.

Disclaimer: The content of the posts on this blog is not meant to “force my beliefs” on anyone. I’m creating this content to spread God’s word, share my experiences, and provide food for thought. My experiences are true; my beliefs are my own. Whatever your beliefs, I welcome you to read through my posts. I respect your decision to stay and continue to read my posts or move on if you decide that my content is not for you. All I ask is that, if you comment, you keep it respectful.

God Bless!