How To Grieve For Those We Lose By [Their] Choice

It wasn't until my mother lay on her deathbed in hospice that I realized I was going to lose my sister, too. Every visit, interaction, etc., on her part, was done because she felt obligated to keep up an illusion of closeness between us.  On the phone, I asked if we could meet for lunch … Continue reading How To Grieve For Those We Lose By [Their] Choice

The Simple, Unique Meaning Of Life

❤ I think it’s a very noble thing to want to make the world a better place. I also think that we tend to overlook the simple ways we can do that, without the fame that comes with a video that’s “gone viral”. I don’t want that sort of fame, but I also think that … Continue reading The Simple, Unique Meaning Of Life

Care Enough

❤ Care enough. That’s what I want from the people in my life. To care…enough. Actions are what tell us whether someone’s “I love you” is meaningful or meaningless. Those 3 words, no matter how many times uttered, are just words without the actions to back them up. It’s really quite simple. We can look … Continue reading Care Enough